We have carved a niche for ourselves in Bangalore’s real estate space.We bring you the work of the best architects and trained craftsmen. Elegance, convenience and sophistication came together to give you a cosmopolitan experience. Our projects are labors of love with no expense spared. We believe by going about our work in this way, we can identify with the needs and aspirations of our customers. Bangalore is blossoming and we are grateful that we live in these times of transition and excitement. We are looking forward to living in a knowledge economy.The future is extremely bright for our country as we head towards becoming a super power. As a part of our efforts to compete on the world stage, we must have simply the best housing options. We, at Satwi Infra, are doing our part in making our nation great.

Music and us

Music is central to us as a real estate company. If you look at the names of our projects you will realize that they are all named after musical instruments. Also these are not common musical instruments. At Satwi Infra, our knowledge of music and musical instruments has their equivalents in our knowledge of building and construction. We bring you maestro level projects. The virtuosos in charge of bringing our projects into existence are well-versed in construction and melodies.

Music, in general, brings joy and solace. What could be a greater gift for a person than being able to listen to and appreciate good music? You don’t have to be a classically trained musician to appreciate music deeply. Music is a universal language. Once music is made available to the listening public, it finds fans across barriers of geography, opinions and attitudes. Music achieved globalization long before economies did.


To provide the best housing options by focusing on accessibility , workmanship and the big picture.


To be the sole and soul provider of housing across the spectrum of quality conscious Indians.

Core Values

Time management: We firmly agree with Charles Darwin when he said “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.

Professionalism: We value polite behavior and good manners in all our social interactions.

Attention to detail: We don’t leave anything to chance. We check the minutest details.

Civic sense: We value cleanliness in our homes, neighborhood and streets. We want Bangalore and India to be clean and green.

Urban planning: We want order and structure in our city and country. We firmly believe in long term planning.